Site Prep Services based in Cochise County, AZ


site prep

When the time comes for you to approach commercial land development in Arizona, the last thing you want is to have to coordinate between multiple contractors with different service specialties. Instead, make it easy on yourself and choose KMK Contracting! We offer complete site development services, backed by years of experience, including:


Our Equipment


  • 1000 HP Diamond Z-Tub Grinders
  • Bull dozer (w/brush rakes)
  • Excavators (w/ thumbs)
  • Big wheel loaders
  • Bobcats (w/ brush rakes and grapples)
  • Dump trucks
  • Water trucks

Prep Your Land

Ready to clear the way for your new development? Give KMK Contracting a call today and give us the details about your upcoming project. We’ll provide you with the land clearing and site prep services necessary to keep the entire development moving forward smoothly. Contact us today at (520) 954-5472.